Acquisition certificate

For all shipments of ammunition within germany we need a certified copy of your permission / license. For firearms no copy is allowed except certified copy of your hunting license.

For all shipments inside the EU you have to apply for an import license before we can start the export procedure.

The import paper must be a special form:

Art. 11 (2) Guideline 91/4 77/EWG; Art. 10 (2) Guideline 93/15/EWG; 9a (1) 1. WaffV)
Art. 11 (4) Guideline 91/4 77/EWG; Art. 10 (4) Guideline 93/15/EWG

If your official department does not offer this form we need a translation of your import license into german language. This translations should be sealed from officials.

Note: gunsmith or dealers dont need an import certificate so we can ship immediately.

For alle shipments outside the EU we need a signed end-use-certificate which we can email you in blank. With that certificate we can aaply for an export license which takes normally 2 weeks.

In any case there is an extra charge for all export paperwork depending on country, quantity and total amount of your order.