Heckler & Koch SP5 67,5cm





Shoulder-Mounted Weapon. The SP5 is the commercial semi-automatic version of the legendary MP5 in caliber 9 mm x 19. All SP5 variants are absolutely identical to the MP5, particularly the magazine interface, buttstock/receiver cap, handguard and sight mount.

Ambidextrous safety lever
10 round steel magazine (magazines with a capacity of 15 or 30 rounds are optionally available)
Diopter sight with four positions for a quick and precise aim
Receiver cap with eyelet for the carrying sling. Interface when using an optional buttstock
Interfaces for magazine, hand protection and buttstock of the weapon are identical to the models SP89/MP5
Wide range of accessories (Heckler & Koch Accessories Program)

Calibre 9 mm x 19
Operating principle Delayed roller locked bolt
Magazine capacity 10 /15/30 rounds
Sights rotary sight, 4 positions
Length approx. 675.00 mm
Width approx. 63.0 mm
Height approx. 220.0 mm
Barrel length approx. 225 mm
Sight radius approx. 330.0 mm
Weapon approx. 2.50 kg