Benelli M2 JW3 ( John Wick 3)


  • Kaliber: 12/76

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Selbstladeflinte benelli M2 von Taran Tactical komplett überarbeitet. Wegen der Vielzahl an Umbauten, hier der Original Text:

– Trigger Job, 3lbs taken off factory trigger.

– Receiver loading port has been machined and polished for faster reloading, includes reload cut on the receiver to help keep the rounds centered for more accurate reloads.

– Extractor and Barrel modifications to prevent jams.

– TTI Custom Lifter/Shell Carrier.

– Tune and polish shell catch.

– Tune and polish carrier latch.

– Taran’s Signature tube and barrel point of impact correction.

– Forearm stippling.

– Straight Stock Stippling.

– Recoil Pad modified (eliminates snagging on clothing).

– Cheek pad for a comfortable cheek weld on Pistol Grip stock.

– TTI Ultimate Safety.

– TTI Oversized Bolt Release.

– TTI Springs Package to enhance reliability with low recoil loads.

– Nordic Extended magazine tube, clamp, and tuned spring.

– 21 inch barrel, 8 round flush.

– TTI Ultimate Charging Handle.

– Hi Viz fiber Optic, GREEN front sight.

– Test Firing with bird shot and slugs.

– Gel recoil pad replace the rock-hard rubber factory pad.

– Nordic Components Picatinny rail.

– Benelli light-modified Crio (Plus) Choke.

– Front and rear QD.

– Sling Plate ( For Pistol-Grip Benelli Only).

– Match Saver.

– Deburr and polish carrier window notch.

– Trigger Guard access guide cut.